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Regardless of all the comparison sites you see being advertised on TV, your friends and neighbors don't really shop for insurance on the internet. They prefer the personalized service that an agent provides. Comparison sites are price driven, which means you don't really know what you're comparing other than premiums. You may like the premium being quoted, but are you really getting the coverage you need? How do you know?
Discuss Your Needs
Your coverage is too important to let a website pick it for you. And who knows what kind of tinkering was done to that policy just to get it to the top of the results page. A good agent can meet your price requirements without jeopardizing coverage. They take the time to understand the risks in your life and tailor your policy to maximize coverage and minimize cost- and they do it without charging you a dime.
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Now that you've added an insurance expert to your team, sit back and let the agent do all the work for you. A good agent knows the market better than you and will present you with the best options for your criteria- whether it's price, coverage or both. What a luxury to fall asleep every night knowing your family has real coverage at a price you can afford.